UX/UI, Business


Problem: Consultants working with BlackRock face a cumbersome process, taking two years to enroll and interact effectively. The existing methods of interaction lack efficiency, leading to delays and frustration among consultants and BlackRock employees alike.

Solution: SCADpro’s redesign introduces streamlined desktop and mobile apps, a virtual assistant, and a welcome box, reducing enrollment time to a few months, enhancing productivity and general satisfaction.

Lead UX Designer, Project Manager: Dillon Hickey Designers: Joanne Choi, Alex Phelps

BlackRock hired a team of students through SCADpro to redesign the experience for consultants working with BlackRock. As Project Manager and Lead UX Designer, I managed both the UX team and the team as a whole. I also designed the whole desktop program and the 5-year 3-tier release of the product in order to limit the learning curve for consultants while streamlining productivity.

In theory, the redesign streamlined the process of enrolling with BlackRock from 2 years down to just several months.

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