A committed, data-motivated designer and entrepreneur with a unique blend of curiosity, creativity, and strategic vision.

Hi there! My name is Dillon Hickey and I combine functionality and elegance to create enhanced user experiences. As an XR/Product designer, graphic designer, and savvy entrepreneur, I specialize in transforming complex ideas into intuitive, user-friendly designs. My approach is rooted in the core principles of UX design, emphasizing user needs while also driving business growth.

I thrive on efficiency, leveraging data-driven insights to guide my design choices. My approach ensures timely, high-quality results, contributing significantly to cohesive, goal-oriented teams. Fueled by a passion for innovation with purpose, I craft new and novel experiences that go beyond the ordinary and exceed expectations of users. Due to a fascination with augmented reality, one of my various career ambitions is to design a fully immersive XR operating system, inspired by natural human interactions in physical environments.

I consider myself a curious explorer – into wood burning, video games, culinary arts, and reading about design, mythology, and fantasy. These experiences enrich my creativity and offer unique perspectives to my work. I also frequently enjoy the simple pleasures of life with my dog and loyal companion, Halpert (yes, like Jim Halpert from The Office). Together, we find inspiration in the everyday, reminding me of the beauty of simplicity and genuine connections.

If you’re seeking a committed, data-motivated designer who combines creativity with strategy, I’m your ideal partner. Explore my portfolio, check out my resume, or drop me a message. Together let’s change the world – one thoughtfully crafted design at a time.

Contact Me . (914) 255-7392 . dillonhickey07@gmail.com