Problem: Users frequently struggled with various complicated interfaces and features in BlueJeans video conferencing and live-streaming tools as seen in reviews and collected data, hindering users’ ability to effectively communicate and BlueJeans’ ability to maintain customers.

Solution: By designing intuitive interfaces with user-friendly functionalities, seamless user experiences can simplify the navigation process, ensuring users are as empowered as possible to easily access tools and features to increase communication and customer satisfaction.

During my time at BlueJeans, I had the pleasure of improving the Meetings and Studio products, as well as redesigning a What’s New window to inform users of updates to the products. The sum of projects focused on customization of the BlueJeans applications to increase user satisfaction and increase ease of use of the product.

Screen Share ControlsRedesigned screen share experience with greater customizability and ease of use, leading to increased customer satisfaction
Easy Log Upload/Report an Issue Increased discoverability of the report an issue and log upload flow, leading to a sense of problem solving among users and a greater flow of data for BlueJeans to improve

Key Figures

  • Increase Q score by average of .2
  • Increase production efficiency by 50%
  • 100% of projects used user testing to validate direction

Presentation Mode
Allow presenters to elevate their presentation experience with seamless tools for annotation, language translation, and slide & note preview, enhancing engagement and interactivity

Enable attendees of live streams to react to moderators and presenters on stream offering valuable real-time feedback while fostering engagement and creating an interactive virtual community

Q&A Optimization
Empower stream moderators to conveniently send an announcement to all stream attendees, pin questions both in the side panel and on stream, and fluidly respond to questions while keeping track of answers

Projects Not Displayed Certain projects could not be displayed and/or were removed from the list due to confidentiality

  • Design QA across all products
  • External Guest Identifier
  • Visual updates to update design language
  • In meeting moderator promotion
  • Background noise notifier
  • Remote Desktop Control updates
  • Various small improvements throughout product

  • Smart Producer
  • Backstage Customizability
  • Chat experience updates
  • Color picker redesign
  • Onboarding Explainer Gifs
  • Poll Updates
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