Coinbase NFT Gallery

Problem: Purchasing NFTs and other digital art involves convoluted steps across platforms, causing frustration and high drop-offs. The disconnect between physical and digital experiences further complicates the buying journey, hindering seamless integration.

Solution: Coinbase can simplify and reinvigorate NFT purchases by integrating an AR gallery into their app, similar to an art gallery. With an upscale environment and a seamless payment procedure, the buying process reduces friction while enhancing satisfaction and bridging the physical-digital gap for a cohesive real-virtual experience.

When the user opens their Coinbase wallet, they can tap on the new AR icon to launch the AR Gallery.
Users are free to walk around the gallery as they please.

A simple tap on the contactless payment terminal opens the buy now bottom sheet, where a user can buy the NFT directly or find out more info about the NFT. The contactless payment also opens the opportunity to use the gallery concept in a physical space.
The NFT is immediately added to their wallet.

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