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Problem: High school students interested in creative fields face a significant skills gap when transitioning to college. They lack exposure to design-based majors and necessary skills, leaving them unprepared for future careers.

Solution: Kern bridges the gap by providing high school creatives with insights into college majors and essential design skills, ensuring they enter higher education confidently and well-prepared for their future careers.

“Creativity now is as important as education literacy, and we should treat it with the same status.”
-Sir Ken Robinson

Kern is an education platform catered to high school student creatives designed by myself and 3 other creatives in graduate school for a project. Kern was designed to bridge the skill gap between students finishing their high school careers and entering their college careers. Kern is a virtual pre-college program for high schoolers, giving them ideas of what colleges and design-based majors will lead to their dream careers and then training them with the latest design skills they need to know before starting college.

Dillon Hickey, Jennifer Yacoub, Megan Slavich, Emily Brown

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