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MARTA Bus Shelters

Problem: Existing bus shelters lacked customization and provided outdated materials, hindering effective wayfinding and community identity. Users struggled with planning trips, and MARTA faced challenged in engaging communities.

Solution: MARTA’s collaboration with SCADpro revolutionizes bus shelters, offering diverse designs and a comprehensive wayfinding system. Touchscreens and a redesigned app simplify trip planning, fostering community pride and an easy to navigate transit system.

MARTA collaborated with SCADpro to redesign their bus shelters, where I acted as project manager and lead UX designer. From this ask, my team created a series of 3 different bus shelters styles with different models of each, various style packages for each shelter, a holistic way-finding system in both public and private spaces, and a site to market the new shelters and empower communities to customize their own shelters.
As project manager and lead UX designer, I led a team of 5 UX/UI designers and 9 other designers, developed and oversaw the scope of work, and designed the wayfinding systems and consumer website.

The holistic way-finding space features a public facing touchscreen built into each shelter and a private facing app. The public facing touchscreen replaces the current print materials MARTA supplies riders and lets them plan their trips.
The private facing app also lets riders plan their rides, but features more private activities such as favoriting trips for later dates and uploading money to their breeze passes.

The new MARTA website is designed to now serve as the primary touchpoint between consumers and MARTA. This new site markets and advertises the new shelters, but also empowers communities and consumers to customize shelters to best fit their needs, both functionally and aesthetically.
The various bus shelters designed allow for different functions within each shelter, so communities can decide which functions work best for them and implement that shelter into their community. The style packages create aesthetic customizability, so communities are able to choose which shelters works best for them both functionally and aesthetically.

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