Robinhood Quick Transactions

Problem: Despite Robinhood’s very user-friendly approach to investing, financially inexperienced users face complexity and uncertainty, lacking confidence and hesitating to invest in the stock market.

Solution: Robinhood Quick Transactions, powered by AI, curate personalized brand suggestions from users’ social media engagement, simplifying choices, reducing complexity, and empowering confident and informed financial decisions.

Robinhood Quick Transactions are designed to increase engagement among users, promote financially saavy decisions, and decrease the overall number of taps it takes a user to invest their money in brands they care about.

At signup, a user inputs their Instagram username, similar to how they input their employment status or social security number. From here, Robinhood uses AI to analyze their instagram photos finding brands they may engage with. This brands, if determined a good buy, will be place on the Robinhood homescreen. From here, users can simply find a brand that resonates with them from their curated list, and use the suggested purchase amount at checkout to purchase the amount suggested from experts at Robinhood.

In order to further empower users, save users time and incentivize users to add more money into their Robinhood accounts, I designed an easy way for users to transfer money from their bank account. Just a simple addition of “quick transfer” options will decrease taps for the user and create even less friction in the transferring of funds.

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